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I’ll be honest, along with my training burnout I’ve also been dealt a side of blogging burnout. Last year the longer the workouts got, the more I technically had to rant write about, but the more tired I was afterwards and wanted nothing more than just curl up and sleep for 15 hours. I’ll admit, it was tough keeping up with the weekly updates, but I knew that years from now I’d want to be able to read all about the time I carved out a big chunk of my life and dedicated it to Ironman training. So I slogged on. And once the race was done, my “creative writing” side went into hibernation.

So I’ll keep this short, because there isn’t too much going on in the off-season right now.

The mental recovery is still going on, with an occasional guilt-induced workout. If I’m lucky, I’ll do a spin class and maybe one “swim session” per week. A long ride outside once in a blue moon. Like the time I decided to revisit the beautiful Marin county, and remembered how lucky I am to live here, and it helped me inch towards falling back in love with riding again.


Seriously, no filter needed.


It’s not that I don’t like riding my bike anymore (I know it can happen to some people post-IM training). I don’t mind being back in the saddle so much but,

  1. I don’t like riding in the cold (I’m from the tropics. 8C is cold)
  2. IM training has helped me discover lots of creaky joints and now that they’ve had a chance to rest, they don’t like working for hours and hours anymore
  3. Oh my patience, where have you gone?

That last one was a little unexpected. I remember a time when I was grateful for a 75 mile “recovery day” ride, but thinking about 5 hours in a saddle now just makes me gag. Heck, I can barely mentally stomach 2 hours. But I’m not too worried, I know this is part of the burnout and as long as I give myself enough time it will come back. The patience, the desire to be out on the open road, the perma-tan on my face/wrist/thighs. It’ll come back.


In the meantime I’m gonna get a healthy dose of this.

Photo (1)

And maybe some yoga, and watch lots of bad TV. And I’ll also do some planning for how this year is gonna look. There are no grand plans, I’m not gonna keep one-upping myself this year and do an ultramarathon or anything like that. This year will be about becoming a more robust athlete (aka work on being less injury-prone), and building up speed.

I’m not very fast when it comes to athletic endeavors, but then again I never really tried to be fast. IM training is the perfect excuse for anyone who’s inherently slow but still wants to impress other people was all about building up the aerobic base to go far, and it was totally fine for me to not really be fast. BUT! I will push the excuses aside this year, and just TRY.


I’m gonna entertain the idea of a few things that were scary to me in the past. Like doing track. Like finding a new swim program where I might be chased by others instead of having the whole lane to myself and going at whatever pace I want. Like trying out a new spin class that’s longer and harder and will turn me into a beast.

Another thing I want to do this year, is give back to the triathlon community. 140.6 was a huge endeavor and I couldn’t have done it without the support of other triathletes, the people who have gone before me or close friends rooting for me back home. It was a year of Take Take Take, so now I want to dedicate at least part of my year to helping others who are new to this sport. So this year I’ll be co-officer of SF Tri Club’s 0-60, a program for newer triathletes aiming to complete their first Olympic triathlon. I met some of the people who’ve already signed up, and I’m super excited about the next 13 weeks :)

That’s about all I have for now. I’ll come out of my slumber over the next few weeks as rides start popping up and things spin up once more. It’ll be interesting to see where this year takes me.


2 thoughts on “New year, new challenges

  1. Reply Kimra Jan 26,2015 3:37 pm

    Yay for the 0-60 role! I did something similar with GGTC’s version of the program (TAG) the past two years, and it’s probably the most rewarding thing I’ve done in triathlon. This is my first year since 2012 not doing TAG as either a participant or a captain, and I am definitely feeling some withdrawal.

    • Reply Amy Jan 29,2015 10:36 am

      You’re absolutely right, we started the program a mere week ago and I am loving it! Definitely a rewarding experience and the best part is the motivation goes both ways :D

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