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Wow it’s been a long time since my last post. A lot has happened in the last 2+ months, and I figured it was time to come up for air and chat for a while.

Last time I mentioned that I’ll be helping out with my tri club’s newbie program, and by now we’re already on week 11 out of 13. Our target race is right around the corner, and it’s crazy how time flies. It’s been an extremely rewarding experience for me, watching these people grow from having never worn bike shorts to learning how to change a flat tire to using their first clipless pedals and experiencing off-the-bike jelly legs, and being able to help them along the way even in the most minute way. It can be stressful and sometimes tiring, but ultimately knowing that there is a group of amazing people who’ve made the commitment to work towards the same goal, and they’re all getting ready with me at way-too-early-oclock gave me the motivation every weekend to keep going. To be honest, if it weren’t for them I probably would still be in my post-IM slump, wasting my days in front of the TV and wondering if last year was all just a dream.


We had an awesome training weekend up in Lake Berryessa recently in preparation for their target race, HITS Napa.


We had oyster rides that reminded me sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses instead of running from workout to workout to errand. 10848708_10153865249912715_3693796915986845431_o

And I can’t wait to see how they all do next weekend. The moment of truth!!

In other news, I started going to track with the tri club, though I can’t say I’ve gained a lot of speed. This probably has more to do with me refusing to run more than I need to….I really fell out of love with running after November, and the less I run the slower I am and the more I hate it. Downward spiral here we go. But I’m hopeful that it’ll come back to me…right now I keep telling myself that it’s still very early in the season.

In more positive news, I started indoor cycling classes at Shift SF, and oh. my. god it is awesome. My instructor is amazingly tough and inspiring at the same time. Sometimes I feel like she is the angry voice of reason in my head, screaming at me to do better, aim higher, expect more from myself. Oh wait, that’s not just in my head, she really IS screaming at the whole class. But she’s a total badass and I know this is how I will become a stronger athlete.


Between that and my 2 bike fits with Pedro, my Strava is now showing me bike splits I’ve never seen before. They’re nothing spectacular in the grand scheme of things, but they are big improvements for me, and I’m loving it.

As for swim, I’ve shopped around and tried different masters programs, but I think I will go back to USF when it’s time to train for Tahoe and Austin. I haven’t been very good about a strict swim schedule so far, but at least I’m sort of hanging on to my fitness.

Next week is HITS Napa, where I’ll be getting back in the swing of things with an Olympic race. It will be the second one of this distance I’ve ever done, with the only other one being Wildflower 2 years ago. Stay tuned for the race report!

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