Who ARE you?

Ohai! I’m Amy.

I’m just a girl that lives in this amazing city called San Francisco.

I love cats. I love food. I love snowboarding. I love rock climbing.
I probably work more than is healthy for me. I spend too much time commuting every day Luckily my current job gives me a fancy gym membership and is close enough to home that I have time to work out every day. Most days.

And I HATE am not a fan of running.

Wait, what? Well they the hell do you keep racing then, you may ask. It’s partially cuz I love the bling. And also because I want to do these events. In 2011 I could barely run 3 miles. I was never a runner. I never liked running. Everything always hurt after a block. My innards didn’t like getting tossled and my feet didn’t like getting slammed. Plus the whole too-many-other-competing-activities thing. But there was this race my friend had told me about some years back, the Big Sur Marathon, and it sounded amazingly beautiful and amazingly impossible.

As more and more of my friends started doing marathons, slowly the idea didn’t seem so absurd anymore. Maybe one day, I can do it too. The same goes for triathlons. I was never a strong swimmer, and I have no idea how I passed the scuba diving open water course. But I liked it more than running, and I knew it was one of those things on my “bucket list”. Upon closer inspection a sprint triathlon actually seemed much easier to train for than a marathon! So I ended up starting with that, and made my way up to a half marathon, and eventually in 2013 I will do did the Big Sur Marathon. Along with a couple more events I started eyeing along the way.

Golden Gate Triathlon, 2011. Copyrights TriFREAKS

Part of my reason for writing this blog is to document my training experiences — I DEFINITELY do not know what I’m doing — I’m just relying on the interwebs and friends to kind of guide me through the process. Maybe in a few years if I get more serious about racing and training and all, I can read back on what I’ve done and laugh at how miserable and uninformed I was.

But part of it is also a sort of personal challenge that I want to share. Will I be able to pull this off? My ultimate goal as of writing¬†is the Vineman half iron in July 2013, and just thinking about it makes my knees weak. Here I am, not even sure I can run 18 miles and dreaming of doing 4x that work in 8 months…the nerve! Maybe I just want to test out that whole “where there’s a will, there’s a way” thing.

If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you

So there you have it. I’m just a normal girl trying to be an athlete. Will I succeed? Read on and find out…